<transcy>This year&#39;s confirmation gift 2020</transcy>

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This year's confirmation gift 2020

Confirmation time is approaching. This means that you have to go out and find gifts & table decorations for the upcoming confirmands - but do you choose the traditional gifts, or something special?

We got tired of the same confirmation gifts over and over again, so we made our own, very special Confirmand2020 gold sign, which can only be obtained from us and which is made with love.

The confirmation is a big day for the upcoming confirmand and it typically means family, good food, songs & speeches, table decorations and gifts. The Confirmand2020 sign is made both as a table decoration, but also as a gift for the confirmand. 2020 is a year where the new confirmands open to a new decade.

We hope all confirmands have a great day, with everything they want :-)